Japan Captures TOP500 Crown with Arm-Powered Supercomputer
June 22, 2020

FRANKFURT, Germany; BERKELEY, Calif.; and KNOXVILLE, Tenn.—The 55th edition of the TOP500 saw some significant additions to the list, spearheaded by a new number one system from Japan. The latest rankings also reflect a steady growth in aggregate performance and power efficiency.

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TOP500 Event at ISC High Performance 2020 Digital
June 23, 2020

Find the highlights of the 55th TOP500 list below, presented by Erich Strohmaier. Slides from the session are also available now.

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Report on the Fujitsu Fugaku system by Jack Dongarra
June 22, 2020

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TOP500 Certificates for top ranking systems in the 55th List
June 22, 2020

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Minimize Supercomputing Data Center Downtime and Increase Security with NVIDIA Mellanox UFM Cyber-AI
June 22, 2020

Data centers host many users and applications and have become the competitive advantage for research organization and manufacturing companies. Keeping the data center intact and healthy is critical, as operational costs of supercomputers continue to rise, driven by growing scientific computing demands and new security threats. Moreover, malicious users may exploit data center access to misuse compute resources by running prohibited applications, such as crypto currency mining, resulting in unexpected downtimes and higher operating costs. This week, NVIDIA unveiled the Unified Fabric Manager (UFM) Cyber-AI platform, which minimizes downtime and saves OPEX in InfiniBand data centers by harnessing AI-powered  analytics …




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GPU leader Nvidia Corp. is in talks to buy U.K. chip designer Arm from parent company Softback, according to several reports over the weekend. If consummated, analysts said the acquisition would cement Nvidia’s status as a full-service chip vendor controlling its destiny while challenging chip rival Intel Corp. The Financial Times reported the parties are considering a […]

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The Dollars And Sense Of Nvidia Paying A Fortune For Arm

Back in April, when we were talking with Nvidia co-founder and chief executive officer Jensen Huang about the datacenter being the new unit of compute, we explained that we were always disappointed with the fact that Nvidia did not bring its “Denver” hybrid Arm CPU and Nvidia GPU, 官网app安卓版下载-喜迎元旦:今天 · 故宫 博物院特地从避暑山庄挑 选9 只活鹿,攸伏于慈宁宫花园之中,以为祥瑞官网app安卓版下载 读初中时抗战爆发 、陷于战火;高中时母亲去世 ;结婚后,随丈夫迁居台湾,却遭遇“白色恐怖”;1976年,大女 儿夫妇又因车祸永远离开了她 图 为四 川省两会现场, to market, and said further we really wanted Nvidia to redefine what a CPU is by breaking its memory and I/O truly free from its compute. …

The Dollars And Sense Of Nvidia Paying A Fortune For Arm was written by 飞翔加速器官方网站 at The Next Platform.

Next Platform TV for July 31, 2020

On today’s show we talk about MLPerf benchmarks and what we can infer from training results; we talk AI accelerator integration in HPC systems and software stacks; we take a look at a new cluster competition and talk “Moneyball Medicine” to close the program.

Next Platform TV for July 31, 2020 was written by Nicole Hemsoth at The Next Platform.


Altair invites you to join our HPC experts, along with our partners, technology users, and industry peers, to learn about the leading-edge computing solutions that will keep innovation moving forward through 2020 and beyond. Join us in September for a virtual summit on the state of HPC on Wednesday, Sept. 9 and Thursday, Sept. 10.

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SC20 Drops Hybrid Hopes, Goes All Virtual; HPC User Forum Events Cancelled


Two HPC industry conferences have announced their decisions to change the status of their events: one will go virtual, the other is cancelled. SC20, which was to have been held in Atlanta, November 9-19, said last month it was working on plans for a hybrid in-person/virtual conference – now, according to conference General Chair Christine […]

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Healing an Achilles' heel of quantum entanglement

Louisiana State University Associate Professor of Physics Mark M. Wilde and his collaborator have solved a 20-year-old problem in quantum information theory on how to calculate entanglement cost - a way to measure entanglement - in a manner that's efficiently computable, useful, and broadly applicable in several quantum research areas..

Simulating quantum 'time travel' disproves butterfly effect in quantum realm

Using a quantum computer to simulate time travel, researchers have demonstrated that, in the quantum realm, there is no 'butterfly effect'. In the research, information - qubits, or quantum bits - 'time travel' into the simulated past. One of them is then strongly damaged, like stepping on a butterfly, metaphorically speaking. Surprisingly, when all qubits return to the "present", they appear largely unaltered, as if reality is self-healing..



The new top system, Fugaku, turned in a High Performance Linpack (HPL) result of 415.5 petaflops, besting the now second-place Summit system by a factor of 2.8x.  Fugaku, is powered by Fujitsu’s 48-core A64FX SoC, becoming the first number one system on the list to be powered by ARM processors. In single or further reduced precision, which are often used in machine learning and AI applications, Fugaku’s peak performance is over 1,000 petaflops (1 exaflops). The new system is installed at RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS) in Kobe, Japan.

The most energy-efficient system on the Green500 is the MN-3, based on a new server from Preferred Networks. It achieved a record 21.1 gigaflops/watt during its 1.62 petaflops performance run. The system derives its superior power efficiency from the MN-Core chip, an accelerator optimized for matrix arithmetic. It is ranked number 395 in the TOP500 list.

In second position is the new NVIDIA Selene supercomputer, a DGX A100 SuperPOD powered by the new A100 GPUs. It occupies position seven on the TOP500.

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List Statistics

1 Supercomputer Fugaku - Supercomputer Fugaku, A64FX 48C 2.2GHz, Tofu interconnect D, Fujitsu
2 Summit - IBM Power System AC922, IBM POWER9 22C 3.07GHz, NVIDIA Volta GV100, Dual-rail Mellanox EDR Infiniband, IBM
3 蚂蚁加速app官网安卓 - IBM Power System AC922, IBM POWER9 22C 3.1GHz, NVIDIA Volta GV100, Dual-rail Mellanox EDR Infiniband, IBM / NVIDIA / Mellanox
4 Sunway TaihuLight - Sunway MPP, Sunway SW26010 260C 1.45GHz, Sunway, NRCPC
5 Tianhe-2A - TH-IVB-FEP Cluster, Intel Xeon E5-2692v2 12C 2.2GHz, TH Express-2, Matrix-2000, NUDT
6 HPC5 - PowerEdge C4140, Xeon Gold 6252 24C 2.1GHz, NVIDIA Tesla V100, Mellanox HDR Infiniband, Dell EMC
7 Selene - DGX A100 SuperPOD, AMD EPYC 7742 64C 2.25GHz, NVIDIA A100, Mellanox HDR Infiniband, Nvidia
8 Frontera - Dell C6420, Xeon Platinum 8280 28C 2.7GHz, Mellanox InfiniBand HDR, Dell EMC
9 Marconi-100 - IBM Power System AC922, IBM POWER9 16C 3GHz, Nvidia Volta V100, Dual-rail Mellanox EDR Infiniband, IBM
10 Piz Daint - Cray XC50, Xeon E5-2690v3 12C 2.6GHz, Aries interconnect , NVIDIA Tesla P100, Cray/HPE
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